“After finishing Matric in 2015, I applied to the DVT Global Testing Centre. I wanted to work in IT and had heard about the DVT GTC. I took Java as a subject at high school and wanted to continue my IT studies afterwards, but also wanted work experience and an income. The DVT GTC offers positions for trainee testers and developers and I thought it would be a really good opportunity. My application was accepted, and I was appointed as a trainee tester.

“The DVT GTC is a cool place to work and there are opportunities for advancement. Since I started in 2016, I have moved from automation testing to performance testing. I also started studying a BSc Computing through UNISA. One of the subjects is Computer Science, which is teaching me to have the mindset of a developer.

“I’ve found the whole experience with DVT to be a challenging, fun journey. I’ve met new people and we have new interns coming in on a monthly basis. I have been exposed to different people, different cultures, different music and different religions. At one point, I was the only white girl in my department.

“I think IT gets presented in high school in a way that discourages girls. It’s also got to do with gaming. Developers often start out gaming at school and girls don’t try gaming. I think that girls have an image of themselves and of IT and they don’t think they can do it. I was one of two girls in my year’s IT class. It wasn’t the teacher’s fault, he was very supportive and encouraged us to give our best. There should be more focus on girls getting into IT. I don’t think girls get encouraged enough to make a career in IT. DVT presents the opportunity fantastically. There is room for all people and everyone is able to achieve their potential.” – Seralize Jonck, DVT Software Quality Assurance Tester