JAM (Joint Aid Management) is a South African non-profit organisation, focusing on food security, micronutrient intervention, assistance to orphans and vulnerable children, skills development and school infrastructure development.

JAM’s primary commitment is to fight hunger and malnutrition in Africa. To complement their feeding initiatives, they utilise their Complete Community Development Approach. This has enabled the organisation to develop a number of programmes, including Water & Sanitation and Agricultural Development, designed to yield positive results in the battle against water and food insecurity.

One of the main challenges JAM faces – as do most NPO/NGO organisations – is donor management. This encompasses all aspects of organising and analysing information in order to implement effective communication strategies and build relationships with donors.

As JAM grew as an organisation, their previous donor management system was having difficulty adapting. They required a scalable, evolving solution that could assist in solving problems with integrations and share information across multiple channels to JAM’s global support and field offices. In short, the organisation needed to migrate to a system that could provide them with global business continuity. From the start of their journey with Salesforce back in 2011, JAM has had the benefit of having a system designed to their specifications and unique business requirements.

The continuing partnership with Cloudsmiths has enabled JAM to provide a greater level of service to their donors and schools. Salesforce helps the organisation to identify donors who donate over a specific amount and to build relationships with donors at all levels. JAM is able to share information with its offices around the world across multiple channels, making teamwork and collaboration easier. In addition, JAM’s Country Directors are able to plan trips to schools using their mobile devices and see key background information before their visit.

Through their partnership with Cloudsmiths and Salesforce, JAM is better able to fight hunger and malnutrition in Africa, all the while growing as an organisation to further provide relief and sustainable development to those who need it most.