“This is how we give back to our community, by providing our learners with opportunities to broaden their horizons, to shape their future.” – Cecelia Mobube, Campus Manager, Dynamic DNA.

Spoken from the heart, this viewpoint of Dynamic DNA Campus Manager Cecelia Mobube resonates with the entire Dynamic DNA team, as they explain their passion for empowering young lives through skills transfer and training.

Dynamic DNA, headed up by energetic dynamo Prudence Mabitsela, is an accredited MICT SETA (Media, Information, Communications and Technology Sector Education and Training Authority) Learnership Academy in South Africa. The company works in partnership with business and learners, providing a conduit for businesses to participate and to uplift disadvantaged youth, and giving opportunities to learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to become skilled and increasing their chances to become marketable in the technology sector.

Situated in Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, Dynamic DNA provides learners with theoretical skills and hands-on work experience, working closely with established companies within the Technology sector to train, nurture and develop young talent. “The split is 70% practical and 30% theoretical training,” says Mthunzi Huna, who manages the Skills Development requirements with the MICT SETA for Dynamic DNA.

“The programme offers sustainable training to learners who have not been able to attend university, giving them an opportunity to fairly compete,” says Prudence. The Dynamic DNA MD understands about early challenges in life. She started working at 13 to supplement the family income, but continued to study, finishing school with a Matric. An opportunity to participate in a Learnership saw her walking 20 kilometres each day to attend class, but she completed the course top of her class. These early experiences have developed in her a strong sense of empathy with learners from disadvantaged backgrounds and Dynamic DNA is her way of being able to give back and assist young people facing similar challenges.

Prospective Dynamic DNA learners need to have obtained good results in school Maths and Science, as well as show an interest in IT. They undergo a panel interview and complete a skills test, a general IKM TeckChek™ that evaluates the skills and abilities of each candidate. Lack of funding or coming from a poor household are never barriers to entry. “We will accept a handwritten CV, as some of our learners do not have access to a PC or laptop at home, which is not an indication of their potential or aptitude to work in the IT sector. Therefore, we make it as easy as possible for them to apply,” says Cecelia Mobube, who was herself a Dynamic DNA learner. “I am inspired and motivated by this work and by the Dynamic DNA team, learners and clients, and I’ve learnt so many things I didn’t think I would be capable of doing.”

Dynamic DNA, which is BB-BBE Level 4 Accredited, is totally committed to uplifting disadvantaged learners from the cycle of poverty and giving them opportunities in a sector that is constantly seeking skilled staff. “We empower young minds and enable young people to add value to themselves, their communities, the Technology sector and the South African economy,” says Prudence.