“Courage does not always roar, sometimes courage is that small voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow’.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

Under her bubbly, outgoing personality, Tasneem Dajee, Engagement Manager for CloudSmiths, has just such courage that has carried her through periods of tremendous adversity and trauma.

As a young mother, with two toddlers, Tasneem’s world fell apart when, over a period of a few years, she lost four close family members – the core of her emotional and financial security – followed by the collapse of the small business built up by her husband and herself. Sustained by faith and inner resilience, Tasneem got back onto her feet and came back with a roar.

As the youngest of three siblings, Tasneem comes from a supportive and close-knit family. Her father was an accountant and encouraged all of his children to study. Unsurprisingly, he pointed his children in the direction of accounting! Despite being an overachiever at school, Tasneem had no direction after matric – but knew that accounting was not for her.

Ever patient and encouraging, her father allowed her to make her own choices, and she chose to take on an IT qualification that included qualifying as a Computer Technician. Today she jokes that she has never repaired a computer, but has broken many!

Since this first qualification, Tasneem has been involved in a number of family businesses, as well as employed in several positions in the IT industry, which has allowed her to notch up a number of technical and management qualifications.

Prior to this position, Tasneem worked and lectured at Sage Software. She worked for Sage for about five years and travelled countrywide. “Sage allowed me the opportunity to qualify as a Technical Financial Accountant, for which I will always be grateful.”

In a strange twist of fate, she did qualify as an accountant – partly because it was an excellent safety valve in times of adversity, and partly because it was her (now deceased) father’s wish. In fact, it was her father’s wish precisely because he wanted his daughter to have a good, solid qualification.

Tasneem is also strongly committed to the empowerment of women, which comes from the fact that she is a mother to two daughters … and from personal experiences.

She had experienced severe gender prejudice in one of her previous Management positions and it was extremely unpleasant. As tough as this position was, Tasneem persevered and learned valuable lessons – especially about the importance of mutual respect and honesty in the workplace.

Tasneem joined CloudSmiths in January 2020 as a contractor and took on a permanent position on 1 September. “I love CloudSmiths and I love what I do!”

Her journey to this point has been tough and she truly feels that her prayers have been answered. “This is not to say that my position is not extremely challenging,” she adds – but then nothing of real value comes easily.

“My role involves project management, customer relations and ensuring customer success,” she explains.

After the sales route, the client is moved onto delivery, and it’s up to Tasneem to manage consultants, budgets, customer expectations and timelines.

Tasneem, who is a Certified Salesforce Administrator, was looking to grow her career with a Salesforce partner in SA. “I had actually been following CloudSmiths for over two years. “I reached out to them and they responded positively. Jason Timm [Managing Director of CloudSmiths] was amazing. I had been in contact with him for well over a year but we never managed to find the right fit. When the position did become available, I shared my strengths and weaknesses. CloudSmiths have supported me where needed and given me the space to grow and learn.”

As part of her commitment to being part of the empowerment of women, Tasneem understands the value of mentorship.  “I am fortunate enough to be mentoring two individuals. “A director at Sage helped me and still does – she empowered me, and continues to do so. Consequently, I am a strong advocate for female empowerment – especially the empowerment of young women.”

Tasneem has dreamt of attending Dreamforce since the beginning of her Salesforce journey in 2016. Dreamforce is the four-day annual event that brings together the global Salesforce community, to share their stories, successes and to learn from each other. This is definitely a goal she will work towards. She also wishes to resume her half-marathon running, an activity that helped carry her through the hard times. One of her personal achievements and goals was to complete the Half Marathon 2 Oceans in Cape Town – she has achieved this three times. She says this is without doubt her favourite race and she is hoping to continue doing this yearly.

For Tasneem, ‘Diversity by Inclusion’ means mutual respect and support; accepting differences; building on the strengths of diverse people and supporting them where and when needed, with both personal and professional challenges. “Mostly, I want to be remembered for the difference I made in the lives of others.”