Girls Rocking the IT Space

It is with great pleasure that we offer you a permanent position in DVT as a Scrum Master Apprentice. The Scrum Master Apprenticeship Programme is in our Business Enablement Solutions Division. Your initial assignment…

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“My biggest wish is to contribute, at some point, in using education as the tool to change how we, as South Africans, look at and treat the environment. We only have one space – this Earth!” – Edward Ngubane, Head of Business Analysis, DVT

“At Inspired Testing, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the game and finding new ways of testing, instead of waiting for the world to prescribe to us how we should be doing things.” – Sastri Munsamy, Executive: Technology and Innovation, Inspired Testing

“By using mentoring and upskilling we can give everyone in our team the opportunity to make a difference. People should be celebrated for their differences and not cast aside. I’m living proof of this value.” – Ricardo Chame, Test Analyst, Inspired Testing

“Even when things are really difficult, young people shouldn’t think that this will be where they will stay. Have a goal and stay focused on it, no matter how hard it is.” – Sally Mampane, Consultant, CloudSmiths

“Communicating with clients was never a comfortable space for me, but after I joined Inspired Testing I learnt how to deal with clients; and my confidence grew when I saw our clients placing their trust in me.” – Tiaan Knoetzen, Delivery Manager, Inspired Testing

“Constructive teamwork is only possible in an environment that is friendly and open. At Inspired Testing we talk to each other constantly and without fear – it is a haven away from home.” – Storm Brown, Test Lead, Inspired Testing