For the last five years, CloudSmiths have cycled the 947 Cycle Challenge held each November in support of Afrika Tikkun, their strategic NPO partner. As a strategic partner, Afrika Tikkun enjoys priority from CloudSmiths as a corporate social responsibility recipient; as well as support for their Salesforce environment.

Afrika Tikkun strives to empower unprivileged youth to have the same employment opportunities as privileged youth. Their ‘cradle to career’ model consists of three programmes: Early Childhood Development; Child and Youth Development; and Career Development. In addition, their holistic approach includes: Family Support Services; Primary Health Care; The Empowerment Programme; and Nutrition and Food Security Programme. Money raised by the CloudSmiths team from the 947 Cycle Challenge goes towards Afrika Tikkun support centres. On 15 and 21 June 2019, CloudSmiths also participated in the Afrika Tikkun annual Alumni Summit, where over 600 alumni gathered to take part.

The event offered a seminar talk on the 4th Industrial Revolution and a discussion on the opportunities available for young people in the 4th Industrial Economy. Among the panelists were African Bank, National Empowerment Fund, and Cloudsmiths, who presented success stories of young people who have found a way to be part of the new exciting economy.