So, what are you doing at DVT? We are IT professionals, but what is your role? A business analyst, a software developer, a test analyst? Or perhaps an account manager, an automation scripter, a scrum master, the CEO, a mobile developer, a team lead, an HR manager? What do you do? Do you develop software, do business analysis, test software? Do you manage a team, develop automation scripts, do strategic planning?

How often do you think about the impact of the work you do and how it changes people’s lives? People you will never meet and who will have no idea of your existence. How many successful death or disability payments are made using the claims system that you analysed? How many people enjoy a weekend away with their family, utilizing the points they’ve earned on the loyalty rewards system you helped develop? How many people are employed by a company that achieved success through launching an innovative mobile application that you tested?

I was reminded of the above when William Mapham, the founder of the Vula mobile application (  recently visited the DVT Global Testing Centre. He visited us to meet the GTC team responsible for testing his medical referral mobile application for the last couple of months. The team who ensures that this application is stable and accurate to assist remote health care workers to do accurate medical assessments and do referrals to specialist via a mobile device. This is life changing mobile software, of which we are responsible for assuring the quality.

I was slightly overwhelmed when he, the client, was not thanking us for our smart framework or testing approach, but for our contribution in changing people’s lives for the better. He tells the story of an elderly lady in a very rural area, who for nine years was under the impression that she was blind. With the help of the Vula mobile application, a health worker diagnosed her apparent blindness as cataracts, which were later successfully removed, giving her back her sight. The lady’s reaction is in Afrikaans and you don’t need to understand the language to experience her joy. This joy was the end result of a process triggered by a mobile application tested in the DVT Global Testing Centre.

We are indeed making a difference. Something to remember when switching on your laptop (Mac) on a Monday morning.

Izak Burger – Account Manager DVT Global Testing Centre